Q:  Why Should I Use a Foam Roller?

A: Foam roller is massively beneficial for muscle recovery because it helps relieve muscle knots and promotes blood flow to the area in which you roll. which intern will help flush out any built up lactic acid and help keep your muscles loose and healing fast!

Q: Why should I use protein after my workout?

A: It is scientifically proven that we have a "metabolic window" after we workout and it is during that window where our muscles will absorb the protein the most efficiently were it will give the most benefits to the healing muscles

Q: If I rodeo why would I need any of this stuff?

A: Rodeo is a tough sport, and being a sport means you are an athlete. Athletes must keep active and be able to recover properly from injury in order to step up there game and give them a leading edge, we provide supplements to help your muscles and joints take the beating the sport puts on them and our Recovery tools will help with all the knots and tight muscles you get from long drives and hard rides.

Q: Why The Name Busted Warrior?

A: I was a rodeo cowboy for quite a few years and my business partner has trained multiple martial arts, we are both very busted up, and are both warriors in our own way.... plus it's just a badass name, isn't it?